Remissio hammock by Rechteck

Remissio self-supporting hammock by Felix Schwake for Rechteck

Your backyard can look more aesthetic just by including a hammock. It’s just not about the appeal hammocks lend, the comfort they offer is undeniably calming that you can’t get with anything else. They look incredible whether they are strung between the trees or used with a stand in patio. Well, if you are the one looking for a way to add a tropical feel to your backyard, consider buying this modish hammock by Felix Schwake for Rechteck.

Remissio hammock is a great bet for the people who are looking for a durable hammock to embellish their backyards and patios with a modern appeal. Rechteck created this striking hammock in three different appealing color textures including Zebrano, Makassar and white.

Ideally made to accommodate one adult, this contemporarily designed hammock consists of an open-framed structure that looks much like a reverse table. The structure arrested the U-shaped lying surface made of leather and fabric, which is attached to the wooden-structure with screws.

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The best thing about the hammock is that it comes with quick and easy mounting adjustments, so you can easily swap or tighten the laying surface according to your comfort. Don’t worry if you are thinking that the attachments and screws will look ugly on the surface, they are completely invisible, and hidden on the inner side of the structure.

One thing you will not find in rest of the hammocks is that it doesn’t let you cut off technology, even if you are outdoors. It comes with USB port, network connectivity and all essential sockets that allow you to charge or use your multimedia devices.

With so much of geeky features and great modern appeal, Remissio is not a bad deal for people who want to stay connected with technology, while relaxing on the hammock outdoors. If you are interested, you can buy one on request from the company website.

Remissio hammock by Rechteck for outdoors

Remissio hammock by Rechteck

Remissio hammock by Rechteck with leather swing

Leather swing

Makassar hammock by Rechteck

Makassar hammock

White hammock by Rechteck

Modish white hammock

Zebrano hammock by Rechteck

Zebrano hammock by Rechteck

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