Remote-controlled Wheelie Bin by Colin Furze

Remote-controlled wheelie bin encourages responsible disposal

While people are becoming increasingly busy in their everyday lives, making time for simple household chores, such as disposing garbage, seems quite difficult for them. But British inventor Colin Furze wants to make your trash can smarter so that it can take the trash out itself, without you having to do anything.

Entitled as RC wheelie bin, the remote-controlled trash can is integrated with two motors, two batteries, and a joystick mechanism. Using an electric wheelchair’s components to motorize, the simple bin is able to be controlled remotely and dispose garbage without any manual effort by the user.

The controller is designed to manipulate its servo, which is further connected to an arm that functions as per the controls of the joystick. By far this seems to be the most practical household invention by Furze, as it’s even able to avoid obstacles in its path. However, regular usage of this smart bin cannot be possible. This is because the user has to manually take control of the remote for taking it outside for disposing garbage.

Nevertheless, all thanks to such robotic household devices, everyday cleaning process is becoming more efficient. This means people don’t have to engage in small tasks, and can involve themselves in other activities. Meanwhile, such inventions illustrate a growing demand for hyper-convenience.

No matter how you take this, but it would surely be fun to take control of your garbage bin and take a day off from manual disposal. You can watch the video given below to see the wheelie bin in action.

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