Reversible Table flips 180º to transform into dining table from coffee table and back

We’ve seen all sorts of transforming furniture ranging from chairs that transform into beds of tables that can also be used as chairs etc, but the Kutarq Studios designed Reversible Table is a tinge different. As the name suggest, Reversible Table is a furniture unit that can be flipped over to transform into a dining table from a coffee table or vice versa. Offering dual function combined with elegant design, the Reversible Table measuring 73cm high as dining table, 35cm high as coffee table and 120cm in diameter is ideal for any occasion or any modern apartment with dearth for space.

The €480 (about $620) Reversible Table made from plywood and steel tubes may not be the most sophisticated furniture unit with the flip transformation, but the really robust table is really light and can therefore be easily flipped 180º by two people. The most turning off bit about the table is it’s leg sticking high above the table surface, but if you are fashionable enough you can use them to hang your wife’s handbag or your coat etc.

Via: Gizmodo

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