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Ride-on Recycling Toy Morty by Christopher Doyle

Ride-on toy ‘Morty’ encourages kids to recycle while playing

If you’ve kids in your house, then chances are your place is overflowing with toys. But instead of few useless playthings, why don’t you give them something to explore their creativity? Christopher Doyle, a product design student at the University of Northampton, has created one such educational toy called ‘Morty’ that encourages your child to recycle while playing.

It is a simply ride-on buggy, which can be made from a cardboard box and other household waste materials. This particular toy can be converted into a number of different objects, providing endless possibilities to your kids to explore their imagination. This means from a very young age you’ll be able to inspire your child to recycle same product without any wastage or unnecessary clutter around your home.

Doyle has already created its prototype along with instructions of how to transform this buggy into a lion, a bison or a Spitfire plane. For this unique and educational ride-on toy, Doyle has bagged a prestigious Royal Society of Arts’ (RSA) Student Design Award in the ‘Fair Play’ category. He got inspired to craft a toy using his favorite childhood plaything, a cardboard box.

He will also receive a £1,000 grant, as part of the prize; this prize money will help him fund the working prototype and launch it commercially very soon. It is indeed the best way to make children learn about recycling process to minimize wastage and play at the same time.

Ride-on Recycling Toy Morty by Christopher Doyle

The ride-on toy can be recycled to form various objects such as a lion, a bison or a Spitfire plane

Ride-on Recycling Toy Morty by Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle, 22-year-old student designer

Credit: NorthamptonChronicle

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