Rider’s Fire Cradle

Rider’s Fire Cradle camping tripod doubles as a fire base

If you’re looking for efficient and versatile cooking tripod, Rider’s Fire Cradle by Doppelganger Outdoor is perfect. This camping tripod not only provides an easy method to handle camp cooking duties, but also doubles as a fire base. The portable fire cradle comes with a heat-resistant mesh that hangs at base of the tripod to hold burning wood palates.

It makes an easy bonfire place while cooking your food. So, there is no need to create separate spaces for cooking and bonfire, as this one unit can serve both purposes. Fire cradle has a lightweight tripod design that weighs only 717g. It consists of several tiny aluminum alloy poles that are combined to form legs of the tripod.

To set up the tripod, you need to join gray and red alloy poles together to form three legs. These legs are further linked to the base part of the tripod. Now, mesh can be fixed in between triangular section of this aluminum stand. Once setup, you can use this functional fire cradle for heating water, cooking meals, or simply to enjoy bonfire without the danger of open fire.

When not in use, you can simply detach the aluminum poles and store in a carry bag for easy transportation. On folding, it becomes so small that it can be easily carried in a pocket of your backpack or rucksack.

It is a must have camping gear for adventure seekers, as they often need such equipment during their outdoor stay. For more information visit Doggelganger Outdoor.

Rider’s Fire Cradle

Portable camping tripod

Rider’s Fire Cradle

It comes with heat-resistant mesh

Rider’s Fire Cradle

It can hang pots for cooking, as well as hold burning wood palates

Rider’s Fire Cradle

Carry bag to hold parts of the fire cradle


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