Ring Door View Cam Video Doorbell

Ring Door View Cam is a Video Doorbell for Every Home

Amazon-backed smart home company Ring has launched the Door View Cam at CES 2019. Ring claims it’s a ‘doorbell for every home’, and so it is. Frankly because it fits right into the existing peephole slot of your door and doesn’t require any additional cabling and installation.

Ring Door View Cam is just like any other video doorbell intrinsically, but what makes is stand apart is the ease with which it can be installed. Just remove the existing door peephole, install the View Cam on either side of the door in place of the door viewer, put in the rechargeable batteries – Voilà, the Ring View Cam is all set to roll.

It’s evident by now that the View Cam can be used in any door with a peephole. This makes it a perfect security device for the entrance of rented accommodations since tenants can install the View Cam without any extra installation that landlord may hesitate to allow.

In its guts, the Ring Door View Cam has a night vision enabled 1080p full HD video camera, a speaker for two-way communication, and a rechargeable battery. It even comes with Alexa support, which will allow you to talk to your guest at the door through a handful of Alexa compatible devices.

Interestingly, the View Cam can be used as a normal peephole and doorbell. It has a button in the front that people can press, but it is going to be used rarely since the device comes with a motion detector that notifies your phone when there’s movement near the door.

Ring Door View Cam is slated to be available later this year for a modest $199 price tag.

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Image: Ring

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Image: Ring

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