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Alabama Resident Sues Ring for Cyber Vulnerability in Home Security Camera

Ring and its parent company Amazon have been sued by an Alabama resident, alleging that their home security cameras have a faulty design and leave users vulnerable to cyber attacks. John Baker Orange, the petitioner, shared a recent instance of how his Ring security camera was under control of some unknown hacker.

The petition states that an unknown hacker had accessed John’s Ring camera while his children, aged 7, 9 and 10, were playing basketball on the driveway, and through its speaker system encouraged the kids to move closer to the camera. The $249 security camera was intended to keep them safe but the incident showed him that it can be dangerous.

There have been previous instances of hacking of Ring cameras. One recent revelation made by Motherboard states that there are different crime forums where hackers discuss creating tools for breaking into the Ring accounts which are connected to cameras.

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One of the major reasons for vulnerability to cyber attack, as discussed in the petition, is that Ring only required a user to enter a basic password and did not compel two-factor authentication.

After the hacking incident with Orange, he has started using two-factor authentication for his camera. You can also do the same if want to be safe. How Ring is going to respond to the law-suit remains to be seen.

Via: Reuters

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