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RinseKit Portable Shower

RinseKit portable shower is an ultimate outdoor companion

We all know that a decent shower pressure not only rinses off dirt but also relaxes the body making us ready for next adventure. At the same time, we also cannot deny the fact that finding a shower in outdoors is next to impossible and wishing for a decent water pressure is lame. So, to make rinsing outdoor dirt an easier task, California-based startup RinseKit has invented a revolutionary portable shower that conveniently delivers hot, pressurized water anywhere.

A handy pressurized shower, the patented design of RinseKit, features an eon pressure system that can easily hold up to two gallons of water in the tank. Provided with a pressurized spray nozzle to offer seven different pressure settings, the portable sprayer can offer up to 65 psi of pressure without using batteries or electricity.

Designed to spray for up to four minutes, depending on the pressure setting, it can be easily filled with hot and cold water. Portable and easy to carry, the RinseKit shower come with a folding handle, a built-in ruler to measure fish and an easy-to-remove lid to stand on for changing.

Priced at $89.99, the one-of-a-kind portable pressurized shower includes a hose nozzle, 6” hose, hose bib adapter, on/off valve and a quick connect.

RinseKit Portable Shower

An ultimate companion of camping and hiking enthusiasts

RinseKit Portable Shower

RinseKit portable shower is perfect for pet owners

RinseKit Portable Shower

Dog owners can safely rinse mud off their furry friend with RinseKit

RinseKit Portable Sprayer

RinseKit is a portable shower that gives you up to 65 psi of glorious pressure

RinseKit Portable Sprayer

The folding handle makes it easy to carry in outdoors

RinseKit Portable Sprayer

RinseKit can be filled with both hot and cold water

RinseKit Portable Sprayer

It can spray for up to four minutes, depending on pressure settings

Via: OhGizmo/Indiegogo

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