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Ripple Maker

Ripple Maker provides emotionally caffeinated experience to coffee lovers

Isn’t it amazing to get a cup of coffee with personal message and photograph specially scribbled for you? Yes, you heard it right. The Ripple Maker from Steam CC is designed to give you an emotionally caffeinated experience. The company in collaboration with their launch partner Lufthansa is all set to change the consumption of coffee by providing foam prints on the coffee, adding personal and unforgettable reminiscence to your everyday coffee experience.

The Ripple Maker is Wi-Fi-enabled coffee maker that work by combining 3D printing mechanics and inkjet printing technologies. Instead of ink it uses the pure coffee extracts called Ripple Pods- to create the ripples on any foam-based coffee. To provide more personalized and customized experience, the maker come with hundreds of themes and content. With the help of Ripple App, customers can also send their personal photos along with messages to be imprinted on your loved ones’ cup of coffee.

Measuring 8.5 x 10.5-inches, the compact device can produce foam art within 10 seconds on any sized cup or mug. According to CEO Yossi Meshulam, the mission of the company is to add meaning, depth and joy to the coffee experience. This unusual machine beautifully aligns with the Lufthansa’s commitment to ‘Nonstop You.’

The machine is priced at $999, with the monthly service plan of $75 that includes the pods and access to various content and themes, whereas for customers the app is free without additional app charges. Its shipping is expected to begin in September 2015.

As per the press release, the product will be first released in Lufthansa’s first class and business lounges, later this year. The Ripple Maker is surely intended to provide a personal experience to your everyday coffee routine.

Ripple Maker

Ripple Maker can imprint messages and photographs within 10 seconds

Ripple Maker

The machine is designed to provide emotionally caffeinated experience to the users 


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