River's Tone Premium Speaker System

River’sTone premium speaker system made from solid gold is worth $5M

Japanese company Anodic Supply in association with Michio Sakamoto has created the world’s most expensive speaker system. River’sTone premium speaker system features bi-amplification technology along with various high-quality enclosures, including dazzling gold finish.

With the design ethos of “less is more,” the premium speaker is a perfect combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge craftsmanship. Made from half a quintal pure gold, the music system measures 12.4 x 13 x 17 cm and comes with two-speakers and a amplifier.

To offer luxury in sound system, the speakers are studded with diamond faceplates. The design replicates reed grass with sparkling dewdrops, blending classic goldsmithery style with music. Each unit is handcrafted, hand-wired and constructed from the finest quality materials, without compromising with its sound quality.

Each speaker system is made individually with fine Japanese craftsmanship, while the company offers custom-design options on request. The golden speakers are available in different editions such as gold version; gold and silver forms, solid sterling silver and gold plated version. Whereas, grills of these systems are made from platinum with diamond or silver with Zirconia.

According to Sakamoto, the solid gold bodies help in achieving the lowest ‘longitudinal elastic modulus/density,’ which further results in incredible clarity and pure gold signals. This means these scientifically matched components are assembled to deliver harmonious sound and pleasing appearance.

Priced at $5 million, the solid gold River’sTone premium speaker system  is a perfect example of innovative technology blended with fine artistry. Therefore, if you are interested in bringing home a revolutionary music system infused in luxury, then this made-to-order premium speaker system is available for sale only through River’s Tone listed agents.

River's Tone Premium Speaker System

The world’s most expensive speaker system

River's Tone Premium Speaker System

Made by Anodic Supply in association with Michio Sakamoto

River's Tone Premium Speaker System

Made from solid gold, the speakers are decorated with 40 diamonds

River's Tone Premium Speaker System

Speakers merge modern technology with craftsmanship


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