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Road Shower

Road Shower solves your outdoor bathing and drinking woes

Road Shower

Has the long searched for, ‘Holy Grailiest’ of solutions finally arrived for the weekend campers and the chronic hikers? We are of course asking about a dedicated portable outdoor shower mechanism. Well, the Road Shower seems to fit the bill with its slew of features catering to your ‘nomadic’ side. Touted as a Rack Mounted Pressurized Portable Solar Shower, the mechanism has everything its elongated title suggests. So that means – the Road Shower comes with an easy to mount option with specialized hardware for Yakima or Thule racks. It is also integrated with a 5 gallon capacity water storage system that has the ability to dispense water at a pressurized mode (hence the name – shower).

However, the best part about the Road Shower is certainly its built-in solar powered heater. Having the capability to heat the stored water to up to 100-115 degrees, this set-up allows us to have a perfect outdoor warm bath after a tiring trudge through icicle-dripping woods and frozen landscapes.

Beyond these advanced features, the Road Shower also has its fair share of usability credentials. The sturdy, powder coated aluminum contraption can be mounted on a range of racks, starting from VW Vanagons, bike racks to even kayak racks. You can pump water into the aforementioned storage system by just using a bike pump (with a sufficient pumping rate of 15 PSI). And, as a final attribute of convenience, one can also carry drinking water inside the mechanism instead of bathing water.

Price – $210 (for more details, please check out the product page).

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