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Tree Hotel Robins Nest

Robins Nest Treehouse Hotel lets you connect with nature again

Robins Nest Treehouse Hotel is a beautifully-designed boutique hotel resting in the forest of Hesse, Germany. Close to Hesse’s most beautiful castle, Schloss Berlepsch, it also offers a treehouse hotel perfect destination for people who wish for a nature-inspired getaway.

Brainchild of Peter Becker, it was first built with the help of 12-15 people and took almost six months for completion of the treehouse, even while working in snowstorms. Managing and running it alone, Becker gets full support from his friends in managing the place during peak seasons.

The hotel currently has three teahouses, one ball-shaped treehouse and a stilts treehouse. Seven meter above the ground, the teahouses are connected with each other through bridges and stairs. Providing a great view of the surrounding areas, the rooms with large windows offer uninterrupted view of nature.

Based on different theme, each house is individually built with natural material. Decorated with wild wood furniture, each treehouses is provided with electricity, light and a electric heater. To provide experience of living in woods, restrooms are built some 150 meters from tree nest.

To let people connect with nature and family again, hotel is absolutely disconnected from the outer world and even does not support Wi-Fi. Next time you want to spend some peaceful time with family, plan a trip to Robins Nest Treehouse Hotel and enjoy quality time with loved ones while sitting in the lap of nature.

Robins Nest treehouse Hotel

Treehouses perched seven meter above the ground

Robins Nest treehouse Hotel 1

Secluded treehouses nestled in the forest of Hesse

Robins Nest treehouse Hotel

The hotel lets you rediscover your connection with nature

Robins Nest treehouse Hotel 8

Currently there are seven accommodations and everything is managed by Peter Becker himself

Robins Nest treehouse Hotel 5

Decorated with wild wood furniture, the place offers pleasant time to relax

Robins Nest treehouse Hotel

A treehouses can easily accommodate four people

Robins Nest treehouse Hotel 4

Serving meals in Buffet helps Peter connect with travelers and guests

Robins Nest treehouse Hotel

View from Robins Nest Treehouse Hotel

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