Robo-Washer: Fully Automated Hand Washer, Rinser and Dryer

Automatic touch-free faucets, soap dispensers and sensor-embedded warm air hand dryers are the norm these days. To challenge them head-on, we have the Robo-washer, world’s first touch-free, fully automatic hand-washer, rinser and hand dryer all-in-one.

This amazing self-cleaning Robo-washer acts as a sink, soap, faucet and hand dryer at home, and its intuitive functioning ensures that every user can use it without instructions. Using the automatic washer is simple – just place your hands inside the Robo-washer, rub them to clean and rinse, and have them dried in one smooth go.

The Robo-washer enclosed in one unit has a splash-free design unlike conventional sinks, wherein washing hands results in splashed and wasted water on the floor. This water-conserving invention is also pretty silent, courtesy its built-in dryer, which is far quieter than ordinary driers which use forced air to dry hands.

Interestingly, the Robo-washer features a microprocessor which controls water dispensing to ensure that the right amount of water is delivered for washing the hands resulting in water saving.

For the health-conscious lot, the Robo-washer has a self-cleaning feature. The unit cleans itself with every use, which means there is no additional cleaning required.

Thanks, Donald Vitez

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