The European counterpart to the CES in Las Vegas, Berlin’s IFA 2023 has kicked off with a bang. The biggest tech trade show of the year brings the latest consumer tech to make your households easier to operate and clean. Among the latest innovations and products being unveiled during the ongoing consumer fair, next-generation AI-driven and robot vacuum cleaners are stealing the show at IFA this year.

Designed to make your life easier and cleaner, the robot vacuums are harnessing AI to make functioning and navigation even faster than ever. Here are five best robot vacuum cleaners at the IFA 2023 that are going to keep your household spotless. Read on to know more.

Self-Reliant SwitchBot S10

SwitchBot has been rising through the ranks for the coveted title of the champion of home automation. With its impressive range of home automation systems, the company unveiled its latest vacuum cleaner at IFA 2023, which is not only automated but also self-reliant. Featuring smart-home tech with a combination of advanced navigation, cleaning, and intelligent water management, the S10 is one of the creative products seen at the show.

Its smart floor cleaner routes your home, cleaning each and every corner while automatically refilling its water tanks and draining out the dirty water. After finishing its chores, the S10 retracts to its charging dock and also dries its mop head. Moreover, the robot vacuum cleaner can even refill your humidifier autonomously.

Image: SwitchBot

Roomba Combo j5+ Takes Voice Command

Another addition to the impressive iRobot family is Roomba Combo j5+ robot vacuums and mops for authoritative and smart cleaning. A leader in consumer robots, iRobot extends its 2-in-1 lineup with the Roomba Combo j5+ which cleans with a simple switch of a swappable bin. It helps clean a mix of floor types from carpets and rugs to other surfaces with a profound conviction.

Its Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes cleverly pick up everything from small particles to hair and large debris. The robot comes with a clean base that conveniently doubles as a charging deck and can hold up to 60 days of debris before being manually emptied. It comes with a navigation system, patented Dirt Detect Technology routing wall-to-wall cleaning, an AI system to dodge things while navigating, power-lifting suction warrants spotless cleaning, a 4-stage cleaning process, and much more.

Image: iRobot

Roborock Q8 Max With Obstacle Avoidance Tech

Roborock is another well-known name in home automation. At IFA 2023, the brand unveiled a handful of smart vacuum cleaners, notably the updated Q8 Max with obstacle avoidance technology. The Q8 Max is perfect for a worry-free, high-quality cleaning experience. It comes outfitted with a DuoRoller Brush system, LiDAR-based navigation, 5,500Pa suction power, a proven mopping system, and self-emptying capabilities.

The Q8 Max is the right pick for pet owners too, as it ensures fewer hair tangles and 20 percent more hair removal from carpets and rugs. Easily controllable via the Roborock App, the navigation becomes easier with features like smart suggestions for No-Go zones and fast cleaning. Its RockDock Plus auto-emptying dock with E-12 Rated dust bags further enhances the cleaning process.

Image: Roborock

Dreame L20 Ultra With AI-Driven MopExtend Tech

One of the industry leaders in home appliances, Dreame Technology has unveiled its new flagship robotic vacuum L20 Ultra in Berlin. This new vacuum features a breakthrough AI-driven MopExtend technology and a Duo-Scrub mopping system that provides thorough cleaning. The MopExtend automatically identifies corners and edges and outspreads the mop to wall edges for a deeper cleaning experience.

It has two high-speed rotary mops in the Duo-Scrub system, which are designed to take on obstinate stains and worn-in dirt. The L20 Ultra also has built-in dirt detection technology, making it much easier to eliminate pet fur, pollen, and other dust and debris. Thanks to DualBoost 2.0 technology and a 3.2L dust bag, the automatic base station can store dust for up to 75 days. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner self-cleans and dried itself.

Image: Dreame

Anker’s Mach R1 for Hands-Off Cleaning

A global leader in consumer technology products, Anker Innovations has given a sneak peek of the Mach R1, a versatile robot vacuum cleaner that vacuums, mops, and self-cleans all on its own. The R1 Always-Clean Robot Vacuum&Mop provides completely hands-off cleaning with the most integrated and full-featured base station, along with unmatched real-time, self-cleaning roller mop technology.

The automated vacuum cleaner vacuums, mops, and self-cleans without tracking dirt and germs around the house. Its lightweight, futuristic design comes with an Eco-Clean Ozone Disinfection plus detergent auto-mixing technology and the 3D MatrixEye Sensing System. More information about the R1 will be revealed in the coming months.

Image: Mach Tech

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