Design Mood’s Rocking Dondo Rocking Chair

Almost every one of us belonging to the ‘grown-up’ generation has been accustomed to the toy versions of rocking chairs as a kid. We just loved to hop on the rocking horses or rocking cradles and enjoy the to and fro action. If you are a parent and want to get a rocking chair for your kid to make him/her have the same kind of fun, then Design Mood brings to you the Rocking Dondo – a toy rocking chair beautifully designed by Italian designer Francesco Rodighero.

Made of poplar plywood, the Rocking Dondo is designed in a spiral shape depicting the silhouette of a snail with a large shell. Besides being a playful object for kids, this rocking chair also serves as a decorative item for your child’s bedroom.

The rocking chair is available in 15 bright colors so that you can choose the one that accents the interiors of his/her bedroom. Since the rocking chair is entirely created in plywood poplar plated laminate, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

So, surprise your little angel by getting one for a price tag of €320 (approx. US$ 420).


rocking dondoRocking Dondo by Mood Design

Rocking Dondo by Mood Design

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