Rocking Horse Chair made from Tuscan wine barrels

Rocking Horse Chair Made from Vintage Tuscan Wine Barrels

The Italian furniture manufacturer Sestini & Corti has created a rustic rocking horse chair using reclaimed metal and wood of vintage Tuscan wine barrels. The huge ring-shaped metal framing supports wooden seating area, which is made of old wooden planks. The designer has made an inspiring contemporary design out of absolute waste materials that even you can make at home using recycled materials and tools for fixing metal and wood together.

It is made of iron and wood in a diameter of about 39-inches, but its diameter can be increased or decreased depending on requirement and space available in your home. The entire chair is varnished using a protecting agent to prevent original materials from rusting and oxidation.

At top of the circular chair, there is an S-shaped iron hook with a heavy chain to mount it onto the ceiling of a room indoors or tie it to any branch of a tree outdoors. The semi-circular wooden area for seating can accommodate two persons at once, and can also be used for lying down alone to relax while swinging on it.

The Rocking Horse Chair has not been coated with a paint to maintain its original rustic look. You can place it outdoors for swinging in middle of a lush green environment or fix it inside accompanying comfy cushions and pillows that add up to its look.

Rocking Horse Chair

Rocking Horse Chair

Rocking Horse Chair

Rocking Horse Chair

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