‘Rocking Knit’ – Rocking Chair Knits Beanie Caps While You Relax

You might have seen your grannies and mums sitting on a rocking chair, knitting sweaters and socks for the winters. It is indeed an effortful task and one can only perform it in leisure, but students of the University of Art and Design Lausanne Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex & ECAL have come up with an innovative rocking chair dubbed ‘Rocking Knit’ that can knit too.

Four square shaped long wooden beams attached to the two wooden arcs with a single seating space in the middle make this rocking chair. Another wooden square structure having pulleys and gears attached to it (positioned right above the head of the person sitting on the chair) functions like a knitting machine that knits a winter (beanie style) cap with to-and-fro motion generated by the chair.

The way chair knits is a really fun activity; just sit and relax on it while listening to your favorite music or reading a book and in a few minutes you have a new beanie cap ready to wear just over your head.

Via: Gizmodo/LikeCool

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