ROOM Collection shelving units can be reconfigured according to your needs


Almost every one of us wants our home to be neatly organized and presentable every time. For this, we add book cases and shelves to our home decor for organizing things properly and keeping the place clutter free.  Here at Homecrux,  we have come featured a variety of storage units in form of modular typographic shelves or  freestanding bookcases that hold your books and other objects in a simple, yet elegant way. Today, we have another interesting furniture unit for storing books and a whole bunch of other objects that would otherwise be left unorganized. Dubbed the ROOM Collection, it is a system of individual units that have different geometric shapes for its openings or voids.

The ROOM Collection is brainchild of Swedish-based designers, Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho. This furniture system includes 25 stackable wood blocks and a low table. Each of the block has a variant shape and size with voids in different geometrical forms like squares, rectangles, oval, hexagonal, and a lot of others all in different sizes.  You can stack these blocks to form a tall shelving unit or a shorter one, a designer table with storage shelves or just about anything you can possibly think of. Each of these units offers storage for small objects to bigger ones.

The ROOM is a perfect shelving system that provides you with enough space to hold your books, mugs, sunglasses, jewelry and any other object lying around the house. Just be the judge and see what the particular shaped void can accommodate better. With 25 wooden blocks, you can form either a single horizontal or vertical cabinet or maybe two or three different furniture units.  The clever design does not only provide us with adequate space for putting our stuff, but also encourage us to be creative in stacking the blocks together to form a different furniture unit that can be adapted to a variety of interiors.

Via: Homedesignlover

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