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Room in Room Indoor Tent

Room in Room tent aims to reduce heating bills by insulating sleepers

Winter season and increased heating bills go hand-in-hand, as no one would like to turn down their thermostat on a cold night. However, if you’re looking for economic ways to cut down energy costs, then Room in Room tent is one of the best options for you. Although it’s designed like a conventional camping tent, but this one is meant only for indoor use.

The floorless tent is designed to fit over any existing bed, and works by insulating the space around your bed. So, the cozy tent makes the interior temperature around ten-degrees warmer than the outside space of the tent. Thus, helps in reducing unnecessary electricity bills while you rest.

The indoor tent is made from a bespoke high-density polyester cotton blend called Tetron Cotton, along with 0.3 mm polyurethane windows over a frame of fiberglass and aluminum 601 alloy. Furthermore, it has a mesh vent on the top for proper air ventilation, whilst retaining warm air inside the covered area.

Apart from keeping heating expenses down, the Room in Room tent is also equipped with practical accessories to make relaxing in bed more pleasant. There is an adjustable laptop stand made of webbing and a polyurethane phone stand for watching videos. What else you could ask for in a cozy bed during winter?

It is definitely a perfect way to reduce heating costs by minimizing the use of thermostat and still stay warm. The good news is that this amazing concept has successfully surpassed the initial target amount i.e. $10,000 on Kickstarter and soon its production will start. The retail price is estimated at US $100 for a single unit and US $114 for double units. However, their shipping is expected to begin sometime in January 2016.

Room in Room Indoor Tent

The indoor tent can easily mount over any standard bedding

Room in Room Indoor Tent

The interior remains 10-degrees warmer than outside space

Room in Room Indoor Tent

Adjustable laptop stand made from webbing

Room in Room Indoor Tent

Polyurethane phone stand for watching videos

Room in Room Indoor Tent

Indoor tent is made from high-density polyester cotton blend called Tetron Cotton

Room in Room Indoor Tent

Diagrammatic representation of the Room in Room indoor tent

Source: RoominRoom

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