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Roomba 880 Eats up Hair, Cleans Better Than Other Vacuum Cleaners

No matter how efficient your vacuum cleaner or broom is, there’s a likely possibility that they won’t clean up all the hair strands on the floor or carpet. Working on this weakness of vacuum cleaners and brooms, iRobot has developed the Roomba 880, a robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans up every strand of hair on the floor and clears 50 percent more dirt than its predecessors. Priced at $699.99, the 880 is a similar looking intelligent hockey puck-shaped autonomous robot (like other Roomba bots) some of us have already been using at homes.

Explaining the efficiency of the Roomba 880, iRobot Product manager Max Makeev says,

It doesn’t matter if it’s long, windy strands of human hair or shorter, lighter pet fluff, or if said hair is on tiling, hardwood, area rugs, linoleum or carpeting, the bot breaks apart the hair and sucks it right into the system.

To be this effective, Roomba 880 home-cleaning robot comes with revamped innards. The robot cleaner has AeroForce Extractors in the belly instead of bristle brushes. This breaks down debris and lifts more dirt and hair in comparison to previous Roomba’s.

The AeroForce is capable of collecting more dirt because it works like a conveyer belt between the floor and the bot’s dustbin. The new AeroForce Extractors minimize the need more maintenance since it leaves no hair untangled in the bristle brushes of the robotic cleaner.

In addition to its novel dirt and hair collecting technology, the Roomba 880 has a larger dustbin and more powerful vacuum. The 880, however, features the Dirt Detect Series 2 (found in its predecessors), which allows the bot to focus on cleaning areas that are most dirty.

Via: NBCNews

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