Rough Water Coffee Table

Rough Water Coffee Table Inspired by Impulsive Sea

Furniture pieces by virtue of their functionality are generally static in nature. However, some designers do succeed in utilizing their conception’s form to exhibit a certain dynamic essence. The Rough Water Coffee Table is one such classy specimen designed by Brish Mellor, a second-year furniture design student at Leeds College of Art. According to the creator, the furniture piece is ‘inspired by the rough sea and the movement that occurs within it.’ In that regard, we can actually comprehend the capricious curves and the fluidity of the shapes, both of which complement the sense of ‘movement’ of the coffee table.

The sculptural quotient is not however limited to the uniquely dynamic form of the Rough Water Coffee Table. It also extends to the range of exotic materials used for the furniture, including – maple, purple heart wood, and glass. Their combination provides us with a symbolic glimpse into the ‘raw state’ of the natural sea in all its impulsive glory.

Dimensions: 1100mm in length, 600mm width and 360mm in height.

Price: $3,879.58

All images are courtesy of Brish Mellor

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