Icarus Wall Lamps by Arturo Alvarez

Rounded Icarus wall lamps by Arturo Alvarez reminiscent to bright sun in the sky

Don’t confuse these dotted objects on the wall with any ordinary décor objects because these are nothing but wall-mounted lamps designed by Spanish lighting designer Arturo Alvarez. Alvarez is well known for his unique designs that stand out from the crowd. This time he has created an unusual piece of art in form of rounded Icarus wall lamps that would remind you of a bright sun while glowing on any wall within your living room, bedroom or any other area.

Each lamp is made out of a LED source and colorful chords coiled around it like a complicated mesh or hay of dried grass. The chord is twisted around the light source creatively in a circular shape that looks ravishing when the light is turned on while reflecting soothing ambiance of light in an entire room.

These lamps are available in two sizes small (21.7-inches diameter) and large (31.5-inches diameter), and also comes in nine different colors- white, grey, red, brown, gold yellow, medium brown, beige, green or blue. You may pick any lamp whether small or large according to interior of your home. Icarus will definitely provide a spectacular look to your home with these glowing wall decors like never before. You may purchase these wall lamps online for $1,326, however its price may vary according to the size that you’ve ordered.

Icarus Wall Lamps by Arturo Alvarez

It seems as if the person is holding a huge sun in his hands

Icarus Wall Lamps by Arturo Alvarez

Colorful wall lamps to make your living space bright and colorful

Icarus Wall Lamps by Arturo Alvarez

Icarus Wall Lamp in red

Icarus Wall LaIcarus Wall Lamps by Arturo Alvarezmps by Arturo Alvarez

Icarus Wall Lamp in white

Credit: Infurma

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