Ruckstuhl’s unique wooden rug folds up like a carpet

We like our hard wood floors more than the others for some reason, but the moment we deck it up with a carpet – there the exuberance is lost. Now to keep things woody with a ting of novelty, Ruckstuhl has revealed Legno-Legno rugs. On the onset the rug looks like the ordinary flooring but a closer look reveals that it’s actually a very unique carpet made from long stripes of wood and flexible polyurethane. The most exciting thing about the Legno-Legno rug is that it can be rolled up like a regular rug and is tailor made to match with any interior. There is no word on the price of the rug but we learn it is available in 5 different colors to choose from.

Via: BlessThisStuff/TheAwesomer

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