military tank-shaped toy house

Russian Engineer Builds Military Tank-Shaped Toy House for His Cat

Finding a quality cat playhouse is quite the chore. Leaving all ready-made cat toy houses aside, Ivan Viryasov, Russian engineer from Siberia, has created a playful military tank-shaped toy house for his cat.

He decided to create such tanker-shaped toy house, after seeing a few cat houses in a store which were not impressive at all. So, he contrived a DIY fun and comfortable toy house for his adorable feline friend. It’s made out of plywood, green synthetic carpet and metal tubes. Plus, a tanker helmet is also designed to provide protection to the kitty.

Inspired by T-34 tank

This 50kg tank toy house is modeled after the famous T-34 and upholstered with a soft fabric so that it doesn’t hurt the cat while playing. All of the materials used for its construction are harmless to both animals and humans. The lucky cat can use it as a place to hide or simply as a scratcher.

The fun part is that this “tank” can be moved from one location to another after being pushed, as its turret rotates. So, it can be placed in a living room, a patio, or in your bedroom – wherever the designer wants his kitty to play all day long. Even the cat seems to love its new T-34 tank playhouse in the video given below.

Via: RT

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