DIY chaise longue

Rustic chaise longue crafted by simple DIY method

DIY chaise longue

Utterly rustic and purely practical – this masterpiece of a chaise longue is actually a DIY contrivance!  Crafted from chopped pieces of wood (as we can all see) the entire furniture item was arranged by using conventional mechanical tools like a chain saw, a hand drill, drill bits and a few screws and brackets. However, the best part about the whole conception is that with the relatively high commercial credentials of chopped firewood (be it in our fireplaces or log cabins) makes it easier to obtain the material from local lumberyards.  Oh, and before you begin to think on – ‘how can we arrange and craft an entire chaise longue from rough timber pieces?’; we have salvaged a good ole tutorial video from HomeMade Modern (see below), which aptly demonstrates the simple process.

DIY chaise longue

DIY chaise longue

DIY chaise longue

Via: HomeMade Modern

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