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Rustic-Chic-Collection by Sandra Figuerola

Rustic Chic: Handmade collection of colorful rugs and cushions

The Rustic Chic collection is designed by Sandra Figuerola for GAN indoor brand. The handmade collection has been created using natural materials like jute and wool to bring natural essence into your home. The beautiful indoor lineup includes rugs and cushions that boast a combination of incomplete patterns, which are fragmented and asymmetrical along with a bold color palette.

Figuerola said in an interview,

I love craft, that warm and imperfect way of working that shows a more human side of the textile process. But also I think it’s important to work with existing aesthetic sensibilities that are easily understood.

The collection of vibrant rugs and cushions mixes different styles that combine both vintage and contemporary designs. Together the contrasting design patterns are able to create colored and versatile home accessories to spruce up your home interior. The designs on both rugs and cushions seamlessly blend geometric versions featuring pistachio, white and black tones to add surprising effect into any modern home.

Available in a multicolor floral version with fluid lines, the collection will be a lively addition to any contemporary interior. Transmitting rustic elegance, these homemade rugs and cushions are likely to brighten up your living spaces where they are fitted.

Rustic-Chic-Collection by Sandra Figuerola

The rustic collection is made from natural materials like jute and wool

Rustic-Chic-Collection by Sandra Figuerola

Handmade cushion

Rustic-Chic-Collection by Sandra Figuerola

Colorful rugs lively interior

Rustic-Chic-Collection by Sandra Figuerola

Rustic Chic Cushions

Rustic-Chic-Collection by Sandra Figuerola

Rustic Chic Rugs

Rustic-Chic-Collection by Sandra Figuerola

Rugs and cushions with geometric patterns

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