'Aunts and Uncles' furniture

‘Aunts and Uncles’ Furniture Collection by Philippe Starck for Kartell

Sometimes inspiration does come from eccentric avenues. This is aptly proven by the Aunts and Uncles furniture collection created by the exalted French designer Philippe Starck for Kartell. The influence behind the design line was supposedly etched by Starck’s childhood memory of his aunts and uncles rollicking around the living space. In fact, the collection is touted to be a minimalist representation of that ‘collective’ scope, which in turn provides a unique perspective into the dynamics of furniture form (specially designed for relatives, friends and guests).

The stark minimalism of the Aunts and Uncles furniture line is partially derived from the usage of transparent polycarbonate. It is a sturdy yet lightweight material which is suitable for the structural hardiness of furniture systems. As for this furniture collection by Starck, it is currently on exhibition Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan.

However, the crucial element of the whole scope is not the end product, but rather the process by which the product was conceived. In this regard, the designer informs us that an advanced technique of injection molding technology was used for making the furniture items. This was useful for creating variant yet flexible sizes of the individual items, including the whopping 2 m long single-piece ‘Uncle Jack’ sofa. The range also has four other equally impressive designs –  ‘Uncle Jim’ armchair, ‘Uncle Jo’ chair, ‘Aunt Jamy’ dining table’ and finally, ‘Aunt Maggy’ console.

Via: Kartell

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