'3 +' collection of modules

Salone del Mobile 2013: 3 + collection of modules for creating various furniture items

Home design aficionados have long dreamed of a modular range of components which can be converted into any furniture item, starting from your dining table to your chair. And, it seems that now that their dreams have finally come true with the ‘3 + collection’ of modules, designed by Oskar Zieta. Fusing superior engineering with elegant minimalism, the ‘bionic’ inspired collection comprises of 3D perforated panels and connector systems that allows a slew of furniture arrangements that can assembled by the user.

Coming to the whole functional scope of the 3 + collection, the deftly crafted modules serve with a multi-purpose amplitude. In this regard, the modules can be arranged in various ways to form horizontal items like dining tables and chair, and even vertical items like a full fledged shelving system. Moreover, the perforations allow a myriad of accessible connections like wires, cords and USBs for your electronic devices.

Available in color schemes of white, gray and black, the ambit doesn’t stop with just the assembling of the modules. The designer has also thought of finishing accessories such as wooden covers or metal legs-in-spacers that can be easily applied to improve the visual quotient of the assembled furniture. And, finally, as the last but not the least convenient factor, these modules are coated in powdered steel or galvanized so as to form a safe, resistant film also suited for outdoors.

Via: ZietaProzessdesign

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