Sebastian Herkner's Unam chair

Salone del Mobile 2013: Sebastian Herkner’s Unam chair is vernacular piece of wonder

There is no denying the countrified charm of vernacular designs. And, it is this rustic charm that the ‘Unam’ chair strives to uphold, with its graceful essence of timber bearing. Comprising of simple wooden components that gloriously coalesce to form a whole exclusive seating mechanism, the conception was created by German designer Sebastian Herkner for VeryWood (Gervasoni group)  for Salone del Mobile 2013. Structurally, the Unam is defined by two curved wooden elements, one positioned at a vertical angle and another horizontally. Their collective arrangement (held by an additional support and a seat) alludes to a sense of security, complemented by the natural sturdiness of wood.

Of course, beyond the structural attributes, it is the unpretentious style of the furniture that really tickles our fancy. According to the designer, the essence of the Unam traverses the ephemeral scope of trendy, fashionable chairs we come across so often. In fact, it that ‘back to basics’ flavor that works in favor of this conception. This authentic factor combined with the sustainable feature of wood, certainly makes the Unam a vernacular winner in our book.


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