Samsung Raises Bar with AI-Powered Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Jet Bot AI+ is World’s First AI-Powered Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums are not new in the market but Samsung is hoping to raise the bar with the launch of its latest Jet Bot AI+. First unveiled at CES 2021, it is an AI-powered robot vacuum that provides accurate yet efficient cleaning without much human effort.

Jet Bot AI+ is claimed to be the world’s first robot vacuum that has a 3D active stereo-type sensor to scan a wide area and accurately avoid small, hard-to-detect objects on the floor. The 3D depth camera can precisely detect obstacles as small as 1cm and it prevents them from building upon small objects in its cleaning path. 

It can also recognize appliances, furniture, and delicate breakable objects thanks to the Intel Jet AI Object Recognition technology. Jet Bot AI+ is even equipped with a LiDAR Sensor to optimize its cleaning path by repeatedly scanning the room to gather distance information. This technology works well in low-lit rooms or underneath furniture where light penetration is less.

This robot vacuum identifies different types of surfaces and the amount of dust resting on it and uses this information to automatically adjust its suction power. It has a self-cleaning brush with fine fibers made of soft woven textiles that efficiently picks up dust from the hard floor and even reaches into crevices.

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Jet Bot AI+ is also equipped with hygiene-related functionalities like the Advanced Five-Layered Filtration system that traps 99.99-percent of micro dust, including 0.5~4.2µm sized particles. All parts and filters of the unit are washable, making it easy for users to maintain hygiene.

Jet Bot AI+ is accompanied by a Clean Station. After finishing the cleaning session, it automatically heads back to the station for disposal. All the dirt, dust, and hair is collected into a bag that can be replaced once every two to three months.

With Jet Bot AI+ Samsung plans to provide convenience in cleaning routines as well as offer efficiency in the process. It is priced at $1,299 on the official website.

Samsung Raises Bar with AI-Powered Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Image: Samsung

Samsung Raises Bar with AI-Powered Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Image: Samsung

Via: PressRelease

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