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Samsung launches voice-controlled Smart Tango vacuum cleaner robot

Samsung in Korea recently announced an all new voice activated cleaning robot dubbed the Smart Tango, which looks like the iRobot’s Roomba and does as much. Powered by a built-in dual core processor, the Smart Tango cleaning robot follows simple voice instruction to turn left or turn right, courtesy Tango View Application that the user can download onto a smartphone. For regulation of thorough cleaning and easy understanding of voice commands the Smart Tango is stuffed in with a camera and 12 high-function sensors.

The Smart Tango is built intelligently – on the start command the cleaning robot automatically recognize the cleaning area and uses the shortest route to reach the area (avoiding all obstacles) for faster and more accurate cleaning. Featuring wide brush measuring 204mm in length, the ultra-slim vacuum cleaner robot comes with a detachable microfiber mop for ease of cleaning.

Via: Kukjenews

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