Samsung Serif TV

Samsung Serif TV looks like retro-styled piece of furniture

Televisions were once compact and more like a piece of furniture, unlike today’s ultra-slim, larger flat or curved TV screens. Now Samsung wants to bring the same classic elegance to latest television sets with latest font-inspired Serif TV.

In collaboration with Parisian brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, South Korean tech giant has created all-new television sets that look like a piece of furniture than a dull black screen hanging on your wall. It is designed to blend perfectly within interior of your living room, just like any conventional set of furniture.

Side profile of the Serif TV resembles capital letter ‘I,’ giving minimalist aesthetic appeal to the TV set. Bottom of the TV serves as a sturdy base, whereas the top acts like a shelf. You can use the upper section to place few home decor objects to enhance elegance of your living space. With its unique flat design, the Serif could be placed anywhere in a room either on its own base or on its attachable legs.

A seamless frame in one color and one shape is crafted to outline the TV screen. It is integrated with ‘curtain mode’ feature that provides a silent, abstract impression of the TV screen. Access options are also very minimal rather than futuristic controls. Moreover, the connectors are concealed using woven fabric panel slots. The pattern of the fabric on TV’s body has been crafted to emulate the effect of the curtain mode setting and even matched to the color of the television.

Samsung Serif TV has blurred the line between furniture and latest technology in a beautiful fashion. You can catch this stunning TV set at London Design Festival 2015 from September 21 to 27. The latest collection includes three screen sizes (i.e. 24, 32 and 40-inches) in white, dark blue and red color options. It is expected to go on sale this November in UK, France, Sweden and Denmark.

Have a closer look at Serif TV’s stunning design in the video and images given below.

Samsung Serif TV

Samsung is bringing classic TV set back with Serif

Samsung Serif TV

Serif TV naturally blends with your interior just like any piece of furniture

Samsung Serif TV

Top section of the TV can be used to place home decor objects

Samsung Serif TV

Side profile of the Serif TV appears like capital letter ‘I’

Samsung Serif TV

It is available in three colors such as white, dark blue and red

Via: Dezeen

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