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Samsung smart cameras hacked again by Exploitee

Samsung smart cameras hacked again by Exploitee

Internet of things has eased the human life, but consumers must always remember that these things can also help in breaching the security of your home. Samsung’s multiple smart home products including the smart fridge and SmartCam have already been found vulnerable to exploiters. The Samsung SmartCam has always been in the news for being a tale of IoT home security glitches. However, the electronics company reacted to the overtime vulnerability research and patched the loopholes in the firmware. This reaction snatched some significant features from Samsung smart cameras and still, there are some functionality issues.

As per Exploitee blog;

This angered a number of users and crippled the device from being used in any DIY monitoring solutions, So, we decided to audit the device once more to see if there is a way we can give users back access to their cameras while at the same time verifying the security of the devices’ new firmware

You will be shocked to know that once again a white-hat hacking group, Exploitee has found a bug in Samsung SmartCam that can be used for by attackers for getting remote access to the camera and executing commands as root user. This means attackers can get full control of the network camera for peeping into your personal life and a lot of other possibilities.

This time, Samsung’s iWatch webcam monitoring service has vulnerability. Hackers can access PHP files for firmware updates and install a remote command execution script for getting control of the Wi-Fi camera. Samsung is a big name in the electronics industry, so some immediate action is obvious, but an eye-opening matter rises, that such big companies don’t even check their products for potential risks properly.   

Via: AndroidPolice 

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