Samsung smart fridge leaves your Gmail credentials at risk

Samsung smart fridge leaves your Gmail credentials at risk

Nowadays tech-savvy smart home appliances have become a routine part of our life and we can’t even imagine our lives without these smart devices. But sometimes even advanced technology comes with certain unknown risks, while directly attacking the user’s personal online data. The same has been witnessed recently in Samsung rf28hmelbsr model, a smart four-door refrigerator with integrated Wi-Fi, which brings a collection of useful apps into your kitchen.

Using this smart refrigerator’s touchscreen LCD display, consumers can easily login to their Gmail account to keep themselves updated with current weather and Google Calendars. It also displays certain useful memos at-a-glance while you get ready for work. But security researchers at Pen Test Partners have recently discovered a security glitch in this stunning smart refrigerator.

According to the researchers, the smart appliance is not SSL certified and this leaves your Gmail open for attack by hackers. This means hackers can easily access the same network on which your fridge is on and use your personal data against you. Pen Test Partners have reported the vulnerability issue early this month.

At the moment, Samsung is looking into the matter to provide appropriate solution to their valued customers. Till then, all those who own this smart refrigerator have to raise it’s intelligence level or simply logout until Samsung launches some quick fix for security of your personal credentials.

Via: BGR

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