Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner VR9000H

Samsung’s robotic vacuum cleaner comes with laser point technology

Samsung is a well-known purveyor for its quality flatscreen TVs and most advanced smartphones, but are you aware that it also make hi-end vacuum cleaners? The company is into making advanced floor cleaning robots for a while now and is all set to launch its latest robotic vacuum cleaner VR9000H with Laser Point Cleaning Technology.

The technology allows you to indirectly control this robotic vacuum cleaner using the laser pointer built into its remote control. All you have to do is laser point at the unclean spot within a room, the robot will then get activated on command and immediately shoot towards the spot for cleaning it.

This vacuum cleaner also features a digital inverter motor, also known as cyclone technology, which has five times more suction power as compared to other vacuum cleaners available in the market. Thus, making it a powerful competitor among all vacuum cleaners with better cleaning efficiency.

The latest Samsung POWERbot will do the cleaning on its own using a Full View Sensor. The sensor can scan a room in which it is located and identify things like furniture, wires, etc. in its way. It can even clean an area cluttered with wires easily without messing up due to its wheels that can easily move over wires without damaging them.

This highly advanced floor cleaner is expected to be launched at IFA 2014 next month. It will definitely win many hearts with its superb functioning as well as elegant design.

Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner VR9000H

Samsung’s robotic vacuum cleaner with its remote control

Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner VR9000H

The vacuum cleaner scanning the entire room

Via: Gizmodo

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