Savora rotary grater

Savora rotary grater combines sheer style with functional features

Savora rotary grater

Red seems to be the set theme for the upcoming products in the realm of homes. However, this time around we have come across one of those ‘commonplace’ rotary graters that are found in almost every kitchen. But, of course there is something pleasantly uncommon about the conception at hand; and that is its sheer visual class. Giving an aesthetic boost to the seemingly mundane scope of graters, the glorious design named as ‘Savora’ is crafted from custom-made cast metal alloy. This sturdy material make sure that the grater won’t flex on pressure, while the deftly ‘expansive’ structure allows uniform force to be applied every time a food item is put into the conception (for grating).

The efficiency of the Savora rotary grater is also expanded on the usability front, with an ergonomic handle that bulges and ultimately tapers at the end. In fact, grating is possible from both directions, while also making the handle usable by the right-handed as well as the left-handed. However, the most crucial user oriented feature would obviously be the easy blade changing mechanism. With just a push of a release button, the lower drum slides off for removable and replacement of the blade.

Via: SavoraStyle

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