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Saxophone amplifier Totodesign

Saxophone amplifier enhances iPhone’s sound without electricity

Handcrafted in Italy by Totodesign, the Saxophone portable amplifier combines modern technology with old school design aesthetic. It is an elegant sound box that can enhance your iPhone’s sound without electricity, providing natural amplification for power-free listening experience.

Shape of the portable amplifier is inspired from sinuous curves of Saxophone. The sound box is glazed in ceramic to improve its acoustic properties. Plus, the material also gives appealing and sophisticated touch to enameled colors. It boasts a wireless structure; hence you can easily relocate it and listen to your favorite tunes anywhere, anytime.

Saxophone amplifier is compatible with all versions of iPhone and iPod. So, one can simply fix his/her smartphone onto the sound box and play songs for creating unparalleled and entertaining atmosphere. The music instrument-shaped amplifier blends both functionality and modern environmental sustainability in the most beautiful way possible.

Glossy exterior of the device makes it an excellent decorative piece in whatever space it inhabits. Meanwhile, it provides perfect ambiance and background tunes into your room. Available in three classic colors: red, black and white, you can select any amplifier to suit your home interior.

Buy: €139 (approx. US $155)

Saxophone amplifier Totodesign

Glazed in ceramic

Saxophone amplifier Totodesign

Enhances sound of iPhone or iPod

Saxophone amplifier Totodesign

Available in three colors: red, white and black

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