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Say goodbye to germs with Kohler’s contactless flush technology

Kohler Contactless Flush Kit

Most of us are hygiene conscious when it comes to flushing a toilet seat. Kohler has developed a technology to avoid contacting flush lever or button for germ-free hands. Kohler’s contactless flush kit uses electromagnetic technology to activate flush knob just by movement of hand over the flush tank, i.e. without having to touch a button, lever or any other part of the toilet tank. All you need to do is wave your hand over the flush tank when you want to flush.

Kohler Contactless Flush Kit

Kohler’s contactless flush kit utilizes a gesture sensing technology with electromagnetic field which receives the feedback correctly after you wave your hand. The sensors detect the response of your hand and activates the lever for toilet’s flushing system.

The kit, which will be available in the market soon for $100, runs on four AA batteries that last for six to twelve months, depending on use. Another good thing about Kohler’s contactless flush kit is that it can be fixed into any flush tank.

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