Scavolini Gym Space Bathroom by Mattia Pareschi

Scavolini’s Gym Space Bathroom for Fitness Freaks

Bathrooms and gymnasiums don’t have much in common, right? That’s the usual school of thought, but not for Italian designer Mattia Pareschi who has created a bathroom which is a part gymnasium. Designed for Pesaro-based company Scavolini, the Gym Space is a detour from the usual bathroom designs. The designer has cleverly fused bathroom décor with fitness accessories without disturbing the design aesthetics and utility of the space.

The focal point of this minimalist bathroom design is the gymnastic wall bar which functions as the base for all the fitness equipment including benches, TRX systems or elastic training bands. Mattia has skillfully amalgamated these accessories with interior stuff like light fixtures, soap dishes, towel rods, shelves, mirrors and storage boxes.

The idea is to turn specialized areas into a multi-room concept for space-saving. Gym Space has a modular frame which can accommodate your bench for isolated chest press and hold your towel, soap, and other toiletries at the same time. So, sweat it out for an hour in the bathroom; after that hit the shower for a refreshing start to the day.

You can call it a perfect modular bathroom which brings multifunctionality without losing aesthetic value and experience. It’s designed to fit perfectly into any bathroom interiors thanks to the modular design.

Scavolini showcased his Gym Space at Milan Design Week 2018 to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Scavolini Gym Space by Mattia Pareschi

Image: Scavolini

Scavolini Gym Space by Mattia Pareschi

Image: HomeEdit

Scavolini’s Gym Space Bathroom

Image: Scavolini

Scavolini Gym Space by Mattia Pareschi

Image: HomeEdit

Scavolini Gym Space by Mattia Pareschi

Image: HomeEdit

Via: Homeedit

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