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Shape-changing bridge makes it easy for disabled to access Jet d’Eau fountain in Geneva

Unique bridge designs have always intrigued engineers around the globe. Some are of humongous proportions, while others span across small streams or waterways. Either ways, a bridge needs to have structural strength to hold anything that moves over its surface. Jet d’Eau fountain in Geneva attracts a lot of attention, and now it has got another landmark which is going to flock-in in even more people. The place has got a scissored footbridge which makes it easy for the disabled to cross shores.

This unique bridge is designed by HAU who had to create a pathway which could change shape and become a flat platform for handicapped people. Under normal circumstances, the bridge has an arched shape to allow small boats and ferries to pass through.

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This scissored bridge is build adjoining to the already existing stone walkway bridge that allows people to access the Jet d-Eau landmark. It is four meters wide and made from stainless steel scissor elements made using digital cutting methods.

The flexible structure of this bridge allows for easy transaction from an arched shape to a flat shape in no time. This allows handicapped people to easily reach the landmark just like other normal people.

Geneva scissored bridge

Allows small boats and ferries to pass through

Designed by HAU

The construction phase

Scissored design retracts into a flat shape

Easy pathway for the disabled

Functions as a normal staircase bridge

Now disabled can easily reach Jet d’Eau fountain in Geneva

Credit: Detail-Online

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