Scroll automatic shade by Jono and Michael Schafler

Scroll is a smart alternative to costly automated blinds

Scroll automatic shade by Jono and Michael Schafler

You’ve automated your lighting, security, and entertainment systems, but if you’re still getting up and crossing the room to open or close your shades, you haven’t truly discovered the ease and pleasure of home automation. By installing automated shades, you can enjoy privacy or daylight with just a press of a button. But now, with Scroll, you can enjoy the benefits of a smarter shade that too without installing a new and expensive automated shade.

Scroll can be attached to the existing roller shade of your home easily and you can manage your homes privacy and lighting from the palm of your hand. To make this plastic device more useful and smart, you can download the Scroll app, set up a schedule and get the opportunity to start your day with natural light. Through this application, you can also operate your shades remotely.

This 8 inch long device is designed by brothers Jono and Michael Schafler include manual override controls to open and close the shades fully within 30 seconds. Scroll is a perfect cheap alternative to pricey automated shades. This smart invention is still a concept, but will be available at a store near you, only after you help the designers select a price. For this you can visit the portfolio page.

Source: Quirky


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