Sean Hodgins builds video-playing Christmas ornament

Sean Hodgins’ Video-Playing Christmas Tree Ornament

Canadian DIY’er and Youtuber Sean H

odgins is well known for mind-blowing Raspberry Pi builds. With ongoing Christmas season, he has come up with an interesting project that reminds of the time when TV commercialism during holiday season was the only mean of marketing products. He has built a Raspberry Pi-powered Christmas ornament that can play old Christmas commercials to bring back some moments from the golden age of television boom.

The idea of making a video-playing Christmas tree ornament is pretty cool, but wants a bit experience in the field. Sean has used Pi Zero W, TFT LCD display, audio amp, speaker, LiPo charger and a few other items to realize the project. He has 3D-printed a mini TV in shape of the TV from The Simpsons, and then packed all the required stuff inside. It can play Christmas movies, TV shows, 90s Christmas commercials and even YouTube videos.

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Hodgins has also put up complete instructions for the build along with the list of the required parts and requisite code at Instructables for all those want to give it try.

Via: Gizmodo/Hackaday

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