Security Camera Birdhouse with no guarantee to offer security!

Security Camera Birdhouse

Recently, we came across the Security Camera Birdhouse, which is practically of no use, but just to create a vague sense of security! It is a combo of fake security camera and a birdhouse. It may not provide any security to your house but if you are a bird lover, then your bird would definitely love its new house. You can keep the birdhouse in your backyard if you have a bird or for any migrating bird to settle in. It is made of a strong weatherproof resin which makes it a permanent home for any bird.

Security Camera Birdhouse

Security Camera Birdhouse will be a nice addition to your backyard and to fool burglars thinking that your house is safe with a security camera installed into this cozy birdhouse. Though, everybody cannot be fooled by it. The suspicious looking birdhouse is good enough to accommodate only a single bird as it is quite small.

Security Camera Birdhouse

The camera in the birdhouse will not record anything but bird living in it can enjoy the view from inside. It is not a very promising product, but still the ones who love a chirping bird in their house can buy it. Security Camera Birdhouse is available for the price of $14.79 and you can purchase it right away from the online purchase portal.

Via: RedFerret

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