Are Security Shutters Right for Your Home?

Security shutters are commonly seen in shops and industrial settings, but they are also becoming increasingly popular with residential property owners and landlords. They offer the ultimate in home security and are available in a range of designs. With regular maintenance, they can continue to look great and offer the level of security that you require for your home. Whether you want to protect the sports car collection in your garage or the expensive jewelry in the family home – security shutters provide the solution that you require.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters require a hood to be placed above the location of the shutter. In operation, the shutter rolls out from the hood or retracts back into it. This type of design can be beneficial for bungalows and for garages because the hood can be concealed under the soffit of the building, without it having to be an obvious addition to the exterior design. While smaller roller shutters can be operated manually, large rollers require mechanical or electrical operation due to the weight of the items.

Security grilles

Security grilles can operate in a number of ways, but they all offer a concertina style opening and closing. They can be mechanically or electrically operated and opened horizontally or vertically. The horizontal concertina mechanism means that this type of design may not be suitable in instances where you want to be able to completely hide the shutters away when not in use.

Security bars for windows

Security bars tend to be a permanent and immovable fixture, whereas security grilles and roller shutters are movable. Wrought iron style bars can actually give your property a traditional or Victorian styled finish, and they are usually available in black or white as well as in a metallic finish.

The permanence of security bars means that they are best suited for borders and should only be used in areas where access is not required. The fact that no operation is required means that this type of security fitting cannot be forgotten, and it can be fixed permanently with little chance of removal.

Installation considerations

Before deciding on the type of security door or shutter you wish to have installed, you should consider how and where they will be used. If you are looking for security for upper floors, then grilles or bars may be your best option. They tend to be lighter and you don’t need to have large hoods installed.

If you are installing hoods or installing permanent security bars, consider the strength of the wall where they will be fixed. Any structural weakness can compromise the security while the weight of the fitting may cause additional damage too.

A professional installation company or structural engineer will be able to determine whether your property can withstand the weight and pressure.

Control choices

The least expensive shutters and security doors are manually operated. Roller shutters, for example, are usually opened and closed using little more than a metal pole and brute force. For smaller entry points this may be practical and convenient, but for larger roller shutters, you will need a mechanical or electrical operation.

The mechanical operation usually means that gears, pulleys, and wheels are used so that you can raise or lower the shutter by turning a wheel or crank handle. Electrical fixtures are controlled by an electrical motor and operated by the simple press of a button. Electrical fixtures can even be incorporated in a home automation system.

Security shutters for home automation systems

Home automation is becoming popular, and since it gives the option to have electrical devices turned on or off at specific times of day, you can use home automation to improve security levels. For example, if your home is set up to close shutter doors when it turns dark, it means that you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

While some systems operate on radar scanning or movement detection technology, both add additional layers of security to your home system.

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