See-through Toaster

See-Through Toaster Serves Perfectly Crisp Toasts, Without Burning

Has your toaster started burning toasts instead of serving crispy ones? Well, this problem is apparent with virtually all the toasters available in the market. They function perfectly fine in the beginning but after few months begin popping burnt toasts. Not anymore, as Thai designer Chaya Harntaweewongsa of PLERN Studio has come up with a transparent solution to solve all the toast making woes.

The designer has created the see-through Toaster with glass side panels, allowing you to monitor each bread slice. Due to these transparent panels, you can keep a check on your toasts and immediately pop them out, when you think it’s crisp enough according to your taste. It is an idyllic appliance for those who are really fussy about their toasts and want them absolutely crunchy without any burn.

This is a perfect solution for every kitchen for no more annoying burnt toasts in breakfast. Although this one reminds us of the smartphone-controlled glass toaster, in comparison the see-through toaster works manually and is more budget-friendly.

Sadly, we’re not certain about its price and availability. However, you can share your opinions with us about its design and functions.

Credit: YankoDesign

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