Self-watering animal planters

Self-watering animal planters create miniature herb garden on your table

We all know necessity is the mother of  inventions, and this is how kitchen gardening came into existence. If you have space for gardening, then time is a major constraint. So to help you live your dream, someone conceptualized these cute little creatures to bring greenery of garden to your tabletop.

These adorable self-watering ceramic animal planters with soil and seed are designed to survive without much care. The animal-shaped planters with straw in their mouths resemble people carrying willow basket on their backs. The planters with miniature herb garden on their back can comfortably settle on any glass or mug rim, thus giving you freedom to grow your own garden without having to spend much.

Self-sufficient planters draw water from the rope hidden in the straw held by the animal. When the plant is in need of water, the planters sip right amount of water through straw, giving a refreshing and nourishing sip to herbs.

Ideal for office or study desk, miniature herb garden brings aesthetics and greenery in the living/office area, offering a refreshing atmosphere. So, if you really want to bring home cuteness of miniature herb garden, the adorable animal planters are a perfect option that can be procured online in various shapes and vivid colors for an affordable price.

Chuppon Self-Watering Animal Planter

Price: $17 (Set of four)
Self-watering animal planters

Glovion Happy Farm Creative Ecoey Desktop Planting

Price: $9.99 (Single piece)
Self-watering animal planters

Self Watering Flowerpot Animal Pot with Straw

Price:$17.90 (Single piece)
Self-watering animal planters

Self-watering Plant Holder Tail Planters

Price: $22.97 (Set of three)
Self-watering animal planters

Aikoi Self-watering Animal Planter

Price: $9.99 (Single piece)
Self-watering animal planters

Polar Self-Watering Animal Planter

Price:$9.99 (Single piece)
Self-watering animal planters

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