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Self-watering flowerpot slightly tilts when the plant needs water

Netherlands-based ceramics and furniture online retailer, Studio Lorier has created an ultimate self-watering flowerpot for busy workers to keep their plants healthy. Dubbed the Nature Balance, this ceramic flowerpot is based on a unique mechanism that feeds the plant slowly for 28 days,and after that it instantly reminds you that the pot needs to be refilled.

How does it work?

Made from high-quality ceramic, this self-watering flowerpot comes integrated with a water reservoir that keeps plant’s soil hydrated for almost a month. The built-in reservoir is partially divided by a water-permeable layer, which gradually provides water to the plant when needed.

This reservoir is positioned at one side of the pot to maintain its balance. When empty, the flowerpot gets outbalanced and tilts to its side, reminding the owner that the reservoir needs to be refilled with 24 ounces of water, which is sufficient to feed the plant for up to 28 days. Plants like herbs, cactus or succulents can easily fit into the Natural Balance.

While most things around are becoming automated, this ultimate self-watering flowerpot shows automation doesn’t necessarily need to be controlled via a smartphone. Available in a variation of matte colors, Natural Balance is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of €35 (approx. US $37) or more will help you secure one planter that’s estimated to be delivered by March 2017.


Self-watering ceramic flowerpot


The reservoir is separated by a water permeable layer


The flowerpot is suitable for herbs, cactus and succulents


The reservoir is closed by a cork


Available in a variety of matte colors

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