Selfie Mirror from iStrategyLabs lets you click and share selfies instantaneously

Selfie Mirror from iStrategyLabs

For all those who cannot, just cannot… simply cannot, refrain from taking selfies when the moment is right, iStrategyLabs has introduced the Selfie Mirror to let you click that perfect selfie and share it instantly on your social profile. What more could a self-obsessed ask for! All you have to do is, stand and pose in front of the mirror and let the mirror to the rest. The mirror will click your finest possible selfie and automatically upload it to your Twitter profile. Sorry Facebook.

Selfie Mirror from iStrategyLabs-1

The high-tech mirror with concealed camera uses facial recognition software to take a photo completely hands-free, and an Arduino processor allows the mirror to share the photo on your Twitter profile. What makes the Selfie Mirror really exciting is that it lets you get over the guesswork you carry out in front of the bathroom mirror when clicking a selfie. Now, you can look into the mirror without holding a phone or camera, pose accordingly and have the finest selfie in a jiffy.

Via: PSFK/TrendHunter

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