Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror: World’s first smart mirror that takes perfect selfies

Tired of selfie sticks and clicking selfie with your smartphones, you want a new way to escalate your fad? Here, creative team of Smart Ltd., has recently unveiled a prototype Selfie Mirror that is fitted with built-in HD camera and 2000 lumen light.

Claiming to be world’s first smart mirror, designed for hands-free selfies, the simple mirror is equipped with advance technology, thus making an ordinary mirror a portal to smart home. In addition to clicking you perfect selfies, the mirror doubles as a home surveillance gadget, a Hi-Fi sound system, home controller, information dashboard and you can also make Skype/video calls through the mirror.

Ideal for professional setting in retail stores, and for fashion and beauty bloggers, as it allows you to instantly share your work and videos with the world. Provided with dedicated mobile application, it also lets you carry out a professional shoot at home. Designed to work in three simple steps – all you have to do is set up timer, select frames, and enjoy photo-shoot with friends and family.

Selfie mirror carries out two-way video surveillance with motion sensors that can transmit images directly to mobile devices connected with the mirror, thus looking after your loved ones back home when you’re out. It’s smart home feature allows the mirror help you manage every smart device connected with your home and Hi-Fi system plays music from any source.

Designed to click perfect photo’s, the selfie mirror also keeps you alert against any potential danger like gas leak, air quality and home temperature, thus proving to be a functional and practical mirror. Available in two sizes i.e. small (550 x 935 mm) and big ( 700 x 1200 mm); the company also offers custom sizes for business purposes.

If you want to become the Queen/King of selfies, you have to wait until January 2016. The mirror is currently garnering $50,000 on Indiegogo. The selfie mirror by Smart Ltd is a perfect combination of technology and design, so pledge your stake and wait for one to be delivered to your doorsteps soon.

Selfie Mirror

Click hands-free selfie in just three steps

Selfie Mirror

Two-way video surveillance with motion detectors

Ideal for business, salon purpose

Ideal for business purpose

Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror fitted in a clothing store

Selfie Mirror

Technical specification of Selfie Mirror

Via: Atmel

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