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Sense-Sleep Tracker

Sense analyzes your sleeping environment for better sleep

There are many wearable fitness and health trackers available in market for analyzing the user’s activities. Keeping that in mind, James Proud CEO and founder of San Francisco-based start up Hello Inc. has introduced a ball-shaped non-wearable sleep tracker called Sense that monitors your sleeping patterns as well as sleeping environment all night. It comes with a mobile app that supports Android/iOS devices to provide every detail of your bedroom to your smartphone when you were fast asleep, the previous night. The device is also enabled with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy connectivity that allows you to see details of your surroundings in the morning.

It runs on three components a spherical sensor, a small clip called the ‘Sleeping Pill,’ and a six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. The spherical sensor is to be kept on a stand near table side of your bed and the sleeping pill is actually a small clip that attaches on to your pillow for sensing your movements. The six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope keeps track on your turning or tossing during sleep.

Other than that, this device also keeps check on humidity, temperature and pollutants in your bedroom that may disrupt your sleep. Moreover, the device acts as an alarm using sensors to wake you up naturally every morning without irritating sound of those alarm clocks. After analyzing the device allows you to check every activity of yours in the morning on your smartphone. It observes even the minute movements or noises that disrupted your sleep so you can further avoid them for a sound sleep.

The project has already surpassed initial goal of about $100,000 on Kickstarter and still 28 more days are left for the campaign. You can pledge for the device at an early bird price for $99 till the campaign is on, however after its commercial launch it will be available for a retail price of $129.

Sense-Sleep Tracker

Sense-Sleep Tracker

Sense-Sleep Tracker

Via: TheVerge

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